If you want to create meaningful engagement with your customers, you’ll need to stay on top of the latest trends, research  and best practice. We’ve pulled together insight from our pool of experts across the globe, in the interests of helping you engage more customers on a deeper level.


Acquiring new customers is more expensive than ever. New research shows that 98% of first-time visitors never convert, and of the few that do 70% never come back.

Competing on price is no longer the answer, it’s not efficient and it’s not sustainable.

By analyzing existing customer behaviour online retailers are finding new ways to better predict, protect and recover lost revenue across the customer journey.

Download the Whitepaper to learn how Revenue Recovery can:

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From Personalisation To Customer Loyalty

Download our research into customer loyalty today.

To help ecommerce companies operating in an increasingly competitive landscape, Emarsys collaborated with market researchers OnePoll, to conduct a survey of over 2,000 UK consumers. The survey addressed online shopping behaviour and preferences to provide valuable consumer insights which will inform marketing activities that effectively engage consumers throughout 2015.

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7 Steps To Successful Retention Automation

Your free guide to getting maximum revenue from your customer data

Most marketers (retailers in particular) are besieged by unstructured data that leaks potential. Accessible technology can structure data in a custom way, and provide the focus needed to find insight in that data. But you need the right mix of technological capabilities.

That mix is described in this impartial guide that shares what we have learnt from working with thousands of customers to make their data make a difference. We’ve put that knowledge in this guide, to explain exactly what capabilities retailers need in order to turn big data into big spenders, including:

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ERFM: The New Science Of Segmentation

Wondering how to engage your customers digitally without getting lost in their inbox or newsfeed? Learn how to use big data for personalized customer engagement.

In order to succeed in online CRM you you have to measure and understand engagement. That’s where eRFM comes in.
This quick guide to ERFM segmentation will introduce you to a new approach to segmentation that offers deeper insight that will help you to reshape your digital marketing strategy and the chance to truly understand online behavior so you can begin to influence it.

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Econsultancy’s Marketing Automation Best Practice Guide

The Marketing Automation in Asia Pacific Best Practice Guide takes an unbiased look at the role of automated marketing tools in Asia pacific region, exploring the specific challenges, opportunities and implementation best practices and effective marketing strategies. The report, sponsored by Emarsys, is essential reading for Asia Pac marketers who want to have a clear understanding of customer journeys in their target markets and interact with them across the entire sales funnel.

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The Psychology Of Mobile Marketing

Consumers behave differently on mobiles. Use this to your advantage and shape your mobile marketing strategy by understanding the psychology behind the mobile user experience. This guide explains how mobile use changes customer engagement – and how marketers need to respond.

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Does Marketing Automation Work For B2C Marketers?

The B2C marketing requires a high level of customer engagement to be successful. Marketing automation allows you to engage potential and existing clients without requiring more of your time. By signing up for the Emarsys newsletter you not only get our free white paper showing you how to get the best out of marketing automation processes, but also access to Emarsys full library of valuable resources for your business.

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From Big Data To Actionable Intelligence

What is big data and how can you use it to better meet your current and potential future customers?

Simply, big data is all of the information around us. Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. For marketers this is a potential goldmine of information but it also creates issues.

Whether you are talking about digital marketing services in general or email marketing services specifically, it can be hard to know if your marketing service provider is providing you with the big data analytics you need to understand your customers and provide them with the targeted marketing to ensure high customer retention. There is also the question of how to store and manipulate this data, how to analyse it and make use of it.

This guide explains how to find a marketing service provider who will meet your needs and provide you with the data you need for actionable intelligence.

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Guide To Email Optimization For Smartphones

You shape the content of your emails for maximum customer engagement, but have you considered if the reader will be on a computer or a smartphone? Should this make a difference in your email marketing strategy?

If mobile is so prominent, will this change how email will be consumed as the traditional office barriers are removed and people can access their email from anywhere? Will you need a different strategy for email optimization on smartphones to increase open and clickthrough rates? Download this guide to learn more about email marketing best practices on smartphones for increased conversions for your business.

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Emarsys Email Marketing Benchmark Report 2012

With over ten years of experience in this field, we have analysed engagement data from millions of emails to provide insight into email marketing best practices. Learn about email marketing trends in different countries, languages and industries. This report is incredible useful with data and information in easy to read graphs and charts. Sign up to not only download this free, exclusive research, but also access all of Emarsys’ library of valuable guides and analysis.

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The Practical Guide To Email Marketing

Email marketing best practices can not only ensure more effective response rates to your emails, but also increase customer engagement and ROI. This practical guide offers clear advice on how to manage and implement the most relevant and effective email marketing strategies for your business.

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Guide To Social Media Integrated Email Marketing

Social media has grown from a consumer phenomenon to an effective business marketing tool. That’s why an integrated marketing strategy is more important than ever for an effective online campaign.

Our research helps companies understand how to make their email marketing and social media work harder, together. Find out how social media integration with your current email marketing campaign can take your conversions to the next level.

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