If you want to create meaningful engagement with your customers, you’ll need to stay on top of the latest trends, research  and best practice. We’ve pulled together insight from our pool of experts across the globe, in the interests of helping you engage more customers on a deeper level.


ERFM: The New Science Of Segmentation

In order to engage customers and treat them as individuals, you have to measure and understand engagement.

This quick guide to ERFM segmentation will introduce you to a new approach to segmentation that offers deeper insight, and the chance to truly understand online behavior so you can begin to influence it.

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Econsultancy’s Marketing Automation Best Practice Guide

The Marketing Automation in Asia Pacific Best Practice Guide takes an unbiased look at the role of marketing automation technology in the region, exploring the specific challenges, opportunities and implementation best practice. The report, sponsored by Emarsys, is essential reading for Asia Pac marketers who want to have a clear understanding of customer journeys in their target markets and interact with them across the entire sales funnel.

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The Psychology Of Mobile Marketing

Consumers behave differently on mobiles. If you want to use that to your advantage, you need to understand the psychology behind it. This guide explains how mobile use changes the context of the information required – and how marketers should respond.

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Does Marketing Automation Work For B2C Marketers?

With traditional retail businesses facing new challenges every day, it is more important than ever for marketers to engage their prospects and customers on a more personal level. This guide explains how retail marketers  can benefit by automating your  marketing.

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From Big Data To Actionable Intelligence

In our increasingly connected world, data is all around us. Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data.1 For marketers this is a potential goldmine of information but it also creates issues. The problem for the marketer becomes how to store and manipulate this data, how to analyse it and make use of it. This guide explains how.

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Guide To Email Optimization For Smartphones

If mobile is so prominent, does that mean that more email will be consumed as the traditional office barriers are removed and people can access their email from anywhere? Surely this will mean that open and click rates will see great improvements? Download this guide to the mobile future of email marketing, and discover the answers for yourself.

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Emarsys Email Marketing Benchmark Report 2012

We have analysed engagement data from millions of emails to provide insight into email marketing trends. Discover the impact of email campaigns across different countries and industry sectors in this free, exclusive research.

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The Practical Guide To Email Marketing

Ensure the most effective response rates from email – this practical guide offers clear advice on how to manage and implement the most relevant, targeted emails for customer engagement and maximum ROI.

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Guide To Social Media Integrated Email Marketing

Social media has grown from a consumer phenomenon to an effective business marketing tool. Our research helps companies understand how to make their email marketing and social media work harder, together.

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ERFM: The New Science Of Segmentation

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