The B2C Marketing Solution

Emarsys is the best data science and execution platform for one-to-one personalization that maximizes customer value.

Emarsys' Five Stages of Engagement

  • Collect and merge your customer data in a single unified profile.
  • Transform the raw data to intelligent powerful 1-to-1 marketing fuel.
  • Automate messages and responses across the entire customer journey.
  • Connect with customers using personalized messages across all channels.
  • Truly understand your customers and gain unique insights for your strategy.
Data Collection & <br>the Unified Profile

Data Collection &
the Unified Profile

Automate your data collection across all sources, from channels to behaviour, from CRM to offline data, building the richest overview of your customers. Create a single unified profile overview that connects and attributes interactions across all touchpoints to a single person.
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Data from all the customer touch points is
collected and unified to a single customer view
From Data to Information

From Data to Information

Transform your mountains of data into intelligent information with self-learning algorithms that analyse and reveal actionable insights.
Automatically place your contacts in smart segments, calculate individual product affinities, and much more to truly understand the person behind the email address.
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Mountains of data are transformed to actionable
information in the customer intelligence dashboard
Automate the whole <br>customer journey

Automate the whole
customer journey

Create relevant messages from the first hello throughout the whole customer lifecycle; then automate advanced programs to execute the right content response at the right time.
Decide how to handle any scenario, and automate the response to keep your customers coming back for more.
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Let the machine manage your customer
lifecycle journey to maximise CLTV
Personalized <br>Cross-channel Execution

Cross-channel Execution

Orchestrate your marketing activities across all channels including Email, SMS, Push, Social Audiences and even offline to engage customers wherever they are active.
Include product recommendations, conditional content, or smart segmentation, to automate the personalization of your content for beautiful content regardless of channel.
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Data science and personalization options are gearing up
the content that is pushed through the channels
Reporting and Insights

Reporting and Insights

The only actionable business intelligence marketing platform that scientifically lets you understand and target customers like never before.
Highly focussed dashboards provide rich and detailed information that let you monitor any aspect of marketing performance and act on it with a couple of clicks.
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Rich informative and actionable
analytics all throughout the cloud
Enhance: Emarsys' marketplace

Enhance: Emarsys' marketplace

Extend the Emarsys B2C Marketing Capabilities with plugins and integrations by connecting to your existing systems.
Synchronize data with Emarsys and then enhance your marketing strategy by taking advantage of our personalization and engagement capabilities.
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Select from a range of in-house and
3rd party extensions
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