A fully integrated Customer Data Platform for collection, unification, augmentation and segmentation

The powerful Emarsys CDP is at the core of our marketing solutions.

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Collect & store customer data from any source

Keep your customer data in one place by integrating your existing solutions to the CDP via a library of plugins, APIs, or other exchange methods. Upload CRM data and non-contact data, such as product tables or any other relational tables required for segmentation, personalisation or analysis, and harvest consumer behaviour via web and app data collection scripts.

Create a truly unified customer profile

In addition to any offline or third-party data, we match all touchpoints across all devices to individual profiles. This creates a true 360° unified profile view that provides actionable insights for each customer.

Augment customer profiles with Artificial Intelligence

We enhance the customer profile with AI-generated smart attributes such as purchase probability, engagement probability, future value, and product affinity, and automatically assign customer lifecycle stages according to your business needs so you can quickly make accurate decisions.

Advanced customer segmentation

Easily and visually create segments based on any rules and criteria applied to unlimited data attributes. Options for segmentations include channel engagement, user location, purchase history, web and app behaviour, AI attributes, and any additional relational data loaded to the system.