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Unsere Kunden nutzen Artificial Intelligence Marketing und setzen so dynamische 1-zu-1 Personalisierungen um.

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Erfahren Sie, wie Runtastic mit Emarsys vollständig personalisierte Fitnesspläne für alle seine 115 Millionen App-Benutzer bereitstellt.

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Brand Alley

Brand Alley

Erfahren Sie, wie BrandAlley mit Emarsys eine detaillierte Segmentierung sowie datengetriebene Prozesse implementierte und so das Engagement inaktiver Kunden um 50% steigern konnte.

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“Emarsys helped us to build and progressively optimize a strategy centered around our customer journey that not only resulted in a huge improvement in all of our CRM KPI’s, but also clearly quantifiable revenue gains.“
Marco Ritratti
Email Marketing Manager
“With all our data in Emarsys, we have all the segmentation that plugs straight into our Ad strategy. Automatically matching content to every audience has seriously boosted our revenue, especially with the increased reach and new streams.“
Alexandra Simion
Digital Marketing Manager
"Emarsys ingested two years’ worth of our customer data and interpreted it into really easy-to-understand graphs and charts. So all of a sudden, my marketing team and sales team were smarter. We were able to take that insight and create meaningful and actionable, easy-to-understand data communication with the rest of the company."
Courtney Connell
Marketing Director
“Emarsys gave us a more systematic and efficient way to segment and send out more one-to-one messaging. It’s a fairly easy integration, and we are actually seeing how it has created a positive return on our investment in the partnership and the cost of the tools that Emarsys has provided us.”
Linh Calhoun
Chief Marketing Officer

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