Email Deliverability

Be confident that your content will arrive at its destination without the risk of deliverability issues hurting your reputation or campaign performance. Assess email content against key deliverability metrics, before campaign launch, to maximize the reach and impact of your marketing efforts.

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Identify and fix content-level deliverability issues

Address performance issues before they hurt your ROI

Harness key performance metrics to boost campaign performance

Ensure maximum reach and impact

Proactive, built-in deliverability compliance with tools that assess email content and flag potential issues before the campaign launches. Our compliance with international deliverability requirements gives you the confidence to know that your email campaigns will always reach all your recipients.

Identify domain-level issues

Easily assess campaign performance by domain in the Deliverability Report, which uses color-coded alerts to flag any performance issues. Monitor sent, open, spam, and missing response rates per domain to make sure deliverability issues are quickly identified and fixed.

Benchmark your content

Contextualize campaign performance with an overall indication of your campaign content’s engagement potential. Use key metrics to compare performance and highlight aspects of your content that need improvement to keep strengthening campaign results.

“Es ist definitiv eines der nützlichsten derzeit bereitgestellten Tools und gibt uns einen Einblick in Dinge, die wir zuvor nur erahnen konnten.”

Jad Sinoradzka, Digital Marketing Executive, Britannia Hotels Ltd