Brands and color are inextricably linked because color offers an instantaneous method for conveying meaning and message without words.

Color is an effective, powerful and instantly recognizable medium for visual communications. To convey the brand personality and brand values, there is a precise color palette.

Always let the colors breathe and don’t be afraid of white! Please respect the hierarchy.

Primary Colors

Our color palettes comprise main, secondary and tertiary colors; they have to be used following our hierarchy. They always appear in full tone and may not be darkened, lightened or displayed transparently.

Green, blue, periwinkle blue, yellow and white – these are the Emarsys main colors. Please always combine them with the neutral/grey palette.

Blue is always for text and represents the Emarsys technological side.

Print: you can use the other colors to mark some important text information
Digital: Green is for hyperlinks. In addition to the blue, it is never combined with more than two colors

White is our background color for a clean, fresh and light feel. It represents our business as an innovative, structured, modern SaaS (software as a service) company.
To keep a balance in the design, use preferably not more than two of the primary colors, which are best suited to the message you want to convey.

It may be possible to use three main colors together for:

  • Slashes
  • Large formats like stand or booth design
  • Complex projects where design team experience is needed

R50 G209 B126
C61 M0 Y55 K0
PMS 7479 C/U

Periwinkle Blue
R105 G132 B209
C60 M40 Y0 K0
PMS 2718 C/U

R217 G229 B6
C15 M0 Y80 K0
PMS 388 C
PMS 396 U (for uncoated stock)

R12 G40 B56
C100 M90 Y60 K15
PMS 533 C
PMS 5395 U (for uncoated stock)

R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0

Secondary Colors

The secondary colors must be used in combination with their primary colors as shadow for the typical Emarsys slashes. For these color combinations please see here.

The only exception is the Shadow Shamrock. It may be use as support color for collateral topics.

Shadow Shamrock
R64 G135 B126
C65 M11 Y25 K27
PMS 5483 C*

Shadow Periwinkle Blue
R58 G86 B132
C86 M66 Y25 K8
PMS 7683 C

Shadow Lemon
R135 G153 B26
C54 M23 Y100 K7
PMS 391 C

Accent Colors

The tertiary colors are for illustration, diagram, complex graphics or web (red and orange for the website and gif animation).

Fountain Blue
R86 G197 B201
C62 M0 Y26 K0
PMS 3115 C

Cello Blue
R34 G61 B91
C93 M72 Y39 K33
PMS 2167 C

R239 G171 B0

R207 G75 B64

Grey Tones

Grey tones must be applied to support the color palette. They are really important to support the white as main color.

Dark Grey
R64 G64 B64

Basic Grey
R116 G116 B116

Light Grey
R216 G216 B216

Download the Emarsys Colors Palette

Here you can download the specific Adobe Swatch Exchange files (.ase).

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