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The Emarsys Powerpoint template is an elementary tool to showcase and present the actual work of the organization. As the content differs internally due to different departments, it also needs to be handled differently on external occasions.
To support this idea, the general template is now available in four Emarsys core colors. These can be used to distinguish and organize your work or the one of your department. Nevertheless, all four templates are combinable among themselves. The reducement to one color for one deck also ensures a simple, but professional and serious representation of the brand.
More templates for other purposes (webinar, events, etc.) will be uploaded to this page in the future.
So, make sure you check by from time to time.

Please ensure that the fonts are correctly installed!

General Usage and Main Information

  • NEVER adjust elements in the master slides. Leave it as it is.
  • Design wise, it’s highly recommended looking and scrolling down all the slides.
  • It’s possible to combine two different PowerPoint templates. But preferably don’t use more than two colors at once.
  • If you copy a text/content from an old presentation, please follow some simple tricks:
    – Copy and paste the text first into a Text Edit, or in the browser field in order to delete the formatting. Only after it copy and paste the text in our template.
    – If you copy the text directly into our template, please change the style into ours (read below in the next rules, ”STYLE TEXT/TEXT”).
    – Don’t copy/paste or drag/drop the slide directly into the new template in order to avoid a mix of different formatting and the doubling of master slides.
    – Please adapt the text to the specific format set in the template.
  • The slide’s caption has to be adjusted manually (PPT Title or Section Title).
  • Don’t use shades in any kind of shapes: the new Emarsys look is based on a flat modern design.
  • Don’t use rectangles with rounded corners.
  • Don’t use any gradient in the background.
  • Don’t mirror images and don’t abuse shadow effects.

Style Text / Text

How to use the text style correctly:
• Create a new slide and on the Home tab, click Layout, and then select the
layout that you want: for example, Content Slide – SR – White – 2 Col. (See image)
• Click to write your headline; then click enter and start to write your body text and
click Increase List Level.
• Click enter and click Increase List Level to get the different text style (See image).
Increase List Level = select the text you want and click ”tab” by Windows.

The Line spacing is set up on 1 in the master template, please don’t change it.

Table, Graph and Chart

We recommend using the same color in different shades if the topic is only one, or different color if you have more topics.

The style of table/diagram are set up and you can choose the colors in the tab “Design”. The correct color-hierarchy is the one showed in the window.

Don’t use table/graph/chart on a dark/colorful background besides the grey

50-50 Slides

The slides named “Content Slide – SR – White – 1 Image/Grey” and “Content Slide – SR – White – 2 Image/Grey” are designed to divide easily the layout in two parts: on the left Headline + Text and on the right a picture/diagram/chart/infographic.

Icon Set

We have two different icon sets:
• White outline on a color background
• Blue outline on a transparent background

In general we recommend the usage of the first set, which can be easier placed on a blank slide. The square around the icon also helps to get them arranged harmoniously with other elements.

The blue version is conceived to be used for designing infographics (e.g. slides page number 44), but could also be chosen for other purposes, provided that you’ll get a balance in the layout.

Download the Emarsys Powerpoint Templates

For representative presentations (webinars, events, sales decks, etc) please just use the Shamrock, Periwinkle Blue and Shadow Shamrock templates.
The Fountain Blue template is for internal usage only!

Emarsys PPT ShamrockEmarsys PPT PeriwinkleEmarsys Shadow ShamrockEmarsys PPT Fountain Blue

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