Roboto is the font used in the Emarsys Platform. It is described as modern, yet approachable and emotional.
It is widely available, free to download. Many font styles are available, including Cyrillic.

For missing Glyphs and Chinese please use the Noto. It was developed by Google as the system font for its mobile operating system Android. That means quick loading times.

Font Styles

For Headlines and mark-ups, we use Roboto Slab, for running text Roboto.

Roboto Light

Roboto Regular

Roboto Bold

Roboto Slab Light

Roboto Slab Regular

Roboto Slab Bold

Font Color

Standard color is Elephant Blue (#0C2838).
Read more on the Emarsys Colors.

Chinese Translations

Roboto Slab = Noto Serif
Roboto = Noto Sans

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