Data-Driven Advertising

Easily include smart, data-driven advertising in your marketing strategy to truly reach any contact online, wherever they are. Emarsys advertising solutions let you create hyper-targeted smart ads using your first-party data and insights to boost retention, reach, and ROI.

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Unparalleled customer reach

Enhanced advertising ROI

Optimized paid search results

Multiple ad networks on one platform

Use your data to extend your reach across multiple networks and go beyond the inbox. Effectively match contact data with network profiles to target them across Google, Facebook, and more.

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Infuse your ads with CRM data

Achieve ultimate precision with your ads by selecting the most high-potential contacts and delivering them high-impact content, anytime, anywhere. Scale your reach by using look-a-like audiences to clone your best customers and start seeing better returns.

Create orchestrated omnichannel experiences

Execute data-driven ad campaigns across channels with automated marketing programs that make sure your message is well aligned, consistent, and gets to the recipients at the right time. Easily add Display and Search Result Ads to your omnichannel strategy to create a powerful synchronized experience alongside Email, SMS, and Push Notifications.

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Powered by AIM

Scale personalization beyond human capacity with Emarsys Artificial Intelligence Marketing. Let the machine handle complex tasks like data aggregation and analysis, so you can focus on doing what you really love: strategy, content, and creative.

Emarsys reactivation

Revolutionize your contact-level advertising with our AI-powered solution and execute fully personalized and scalable reactivation campaigns with autonomous targeting. Rekindle your revenue streams by winning back lost customers and improving your advertising ROAS.

Other Features

Emarsys Lead Ads

Turn your Facebook and Instagram ads into a two-way communication channel by letting any user sign up for more information with just a click. Create dynamic ads to capture lead information and feed it directly into the Emarsys contact database.

“CRM Ads is very powerful. Targeting our CRM data using Google proved to be a huge success: Return on advertising spend was much higher when compared to our other Google campaigns.”

Ilan Peretz, CEO, Sheridyn Swim