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Indiana: A Worthwhile Investment for Emarsys and a Consideration for Expanding Technology Companies

Lindsay Tjepkema
Lindsay Tjepkema , Global Head of Content , Emarsys

In response to customer demand, last year we decided to strengthen our presence in the U.S. by expanding in Indianapolis. We are investing $3.3 million into our downtown office, with our eye on growth and staff expansion over the next year. Driven by the continued investment in Indiana, we see companies recognizing that the land of the Hoosiers could potentially be the next epicenter for technology.

Whether you know it or not, Indiana is quickly becoming the hottest location for technology, with companies like Appirio, Geofeedia, Tinderbox and Interactive Intelligence understanding that there is a lot to gain, and to offer employees. For instance, operational costs and taxes are lower, which means more can be invested into the workforce. For people looking for work in the tech industry, Indianapolis has been ranked amongst the:

  • Next Top 10 Cities for Tech Jobs 
    Fast Company ranks Indianapolis #7 as it “has emerged as an ideal city for young professionals looking for an affordable home and a strong work/life balance.”
  • Top 10 Best Cities to Start a New Career 
    In TIME Magazine, Indianapolis was included on the list of best cities for new and recent graduates, due to its “low rent and high density of those aged 25 to 29.”
  • Cities Creating the Most Technology Jobs 
    Forbes lists Indianapolis-Carmel number 9, as it has boasted a tech industry employment growth rate of 50.4%

In fact, according to Forbes, the Midwest has a higher concentration of Fortune 500 companies than any other region in the country.  Additionally, TechPoint, an organization that promotes and accelerates the growth of Indiana’s tech community, boasts a directory of nearly 200 tech companies, from AT&T to Salesforce.

This was a good move for us. In fact, we were recognized as a standout tech company leading the way in Indianapolis by Inside Indiana Business TV, and named a contributor to Indiana’s booming job market by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation thanks to our plans to employ more than 150 locally in Indianapolis in the immediate future. With goals to grow to 300 people nationally by 2020, we look forward to a prosperous 2016.