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Mobile: It's Time to Be More than Just an App

Lindsay Tjepkema
Lindsay Tjepkema , Marketing Director, Americas , Emarsys

Mobile was huge during the 2015 holiday season. Mobile sales soared to $900 million in the US on Black Friday according to Adobe, and the Alibaba Group reached a staggering $9.6B on Singles Day in China.

What does that mean for 2016? Marketers can expect an even more mobile-centric marketing, retail and media environment throughout the year.

MobileFirstLook began 2016 by bringing together leading experts to discuss everything from strategy to execution and analysis, and what it means for retailers, brands, agencies, and service providers.

The underlying theme throughout the presentations was about offering more than just an app. Julie Ask of Forrester called this “App+”, which means your app needs to provide value and ease to your customers; whether it’s through omnichannel, automation, messaging or other services and products. Give your customers more than just “shiny objects”.

Annemarie Frank, VP Omni-Channel Marketing at HSN, is using mobile to target impulse buyers, increase conversions and provide a frictionless experience. This is accomplished by enabling customer convenience while offering a winning mobile experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Over 40% of the impressions for HSN’s new customer onboarding campaign were via mobile devices.

HSN’s mobile app campaigns target emerging loyal customers who already have the HSN app, and remind them to open and use it. Mobile

Having a stronger understanding of cross-device behavior for different customer segments will help you to increase adoption of your mobile apps and strengthen the experience.

6 Tips to Build Your Mobile Strategy:

  • Make your customer the priority. Mobile tactics are rarely one size fits all.
  • Integrate your mobile strategy with the rest of your digital marketing efforts. This integration will become a key differentiator for your business.
  • Bring value to the customer. Take advantage of the phone’s camera, GPS, and push notification capabilities.
  • Provide an elegant UI and intuitive navigation. The experience should feel natural to the user.
  • Keep it simple. Streamline information entry and payments. Digital wallets can facilitate the mobile checkout process by removing the biggest friction point for new customers.
  • Focus on personalized and sophisticated in-store capabilities. Using store locations as an extension of digital strategy needs to be a priority if you have brick-and-mortar locations.

Too few brands are going the extra mile to transform the entire mobile customer experience. Emerging technologies such as machine intelligence, augmented reality, beacons, and the Internet of Things are taking brands beyond current mobile experiences. Are you ready?