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Take Advantage of Mobile Moments to Drive Revenue

Lindsay Tjepkema
Lindsay Tjepkema , Global Head of Content , Emarsys

Truly personalized one-to-one marketing has been touted for the last decade, but when rubber hits the road and marketers attempted to actually deliver on this promise, the experience often fell far short of the promise. That, however, was the past, and we now have the insights, automations and tools to truly personalize every customer’s experience.

While marketers would design campaigns, customer journeys and messaging that could theoretically deliver unprecedented personalized customer experiences, bringing this to scale proved to be the barrier.

No longer!

We now have automated marketing platforms so intelligent, integrated, responsive and robust, that brands can deliver the most relevant messages to their most pertinent audience, over their preferred channel, at the moment they are most likely to respond. Did we say this can also be automated? Well, it can be.

Personalization Based on Bi-Directional Data

Mobile apps present a very powerful platform for highly personalized mobile marketing interactions. The bi-directional nature of the interaction allows marketers to react to user actions in real-time. Runtastic, an Adidas Group company, has taken that interactive, bi-directional app experience to an entirely new level.

Young women getting ready for a morning run

The Runtastic app is an intensive workout and training driven app, targeted towards users of all fitness levels. Runtastic currently has over 90 million users around the globe, and they need to tailor the app experience to a wide array of fitness levels. They are able to do this by personalizing the content, fitness plan and training modules based on the actions of users.

If a user adopts the beginner training plan and successfully achieves the fitness goals, then the app delivers a progressively more intensive training plan and coaching sessions. Alternatively, if a user under-achieves the fitness goals, then they will be met with a less intensive fitness regime and a modified coaching session appropriately aimed at their fitness goals.

Driving Revenue Through Gated Functions

What if you went to a Porsche dealer to window shop for the 911 you’ve been dreaming of, and the dealer let you drive the Porsche home? The deal is, you can drive your 911 home, drive it all you want, fall in love with it… but only for a limited time. When that time is up, Porsche would remove the features one by one. First, the traction control would be disabled. Next, the turbo feature would be removed. Then, the Bose speakers would fade to silence. Slowly, each feature you had fallen for would be removed, plucked from you one at a time. Unless, of course, you agreed to pay for them.

That is the marketing strategy of Runtastic. Let the users sample all of the wonderful, intelligent, addictive functionality that makes Runtastic one of the most downloaded fitness app in Europe. Then, remove each features, one-by-one, unless the user buys the app’s features. This approach aggressively moves users to pay and upgrade to more expensive, feature-rich app levels.

This strategy has paid off for Runtastic. Their successful strategy has resulted in one of the most avant garde app experiences in the market, generating over 150,000 app downloads per day, and delivering over 8,000,000 messages per month in 16 apps, across 18 languages. Runtastic’s dynamic revenue model and highly personalized customer experience is delivered through the Emarys B2C Cloud Marketing platform.

Want to Learn More About Runtastic’s Successes?

View our complimentary webinarMobile Marketing: Leveraging Mobile Moments to Drive Customer Actions. Hear our VP of Mobile Products, David Galante, and Growth Project Manager at Runtastic (an Adidas Group company), Reinhard Buchinger, discuss:

  • How Runtastic was able to create the ultimate personalized mobile app experience
  • How to achieve high ROI with revenue events through automated marketing
  • What should marketers focus on for the biggest wins in mobile marketing

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