Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Given the shifting marketplace and evolving consumer demands, how should e-commerce and brand marketers view omnichannel marketing? More importantly, how should they begin to apply, and even automate, omnichannel strategies to improve the customer journey? To create a truly holistic omnichannel strategy, marketers should follow the examples of brands that have already experienced omnichannel successes....

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Retention Marketing is All About the Customer

Retention marketing is all about people. Adopting this new customer-based advertising approach allows marketers to keep up with the evolving digital landscape. By using the right blend of data and technology, marketers can acquire, convert, grow, retain, and win back customers in one seamless omnichannel strategy. This guide highlights: The Customer Data Landscape. Available Marketing...

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5 E-Commerce Marketing Predictions for the Next 5 Years

The very nature of marketing dictates that it is always changing and evolving to stay relevant to consumer wants and needs. Marketers and retailers alike have learned that if they don’t adapt to the changing times, they risk losing valuable clients and customers. To stay ahead of the curve in the coming years, marketers must...

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Adapting to the pace of omnichannel commerce

For SMBs, the establishment of a strong digital presence begins with email and the website, but sets the stage for so much more. The SMBs of today are in an interesting position – despite their size, they can still benefit from similar marketing strategies and technologies being deployed and used by larger organizations. Through omnichannel digital strategies, companies such as Amazon continue to raise the bar...

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Digital Requires an OmniChannel Retail Strategy

To be successful in today’s ever-changing retail environment, businesses need to adapt. Retailers must keep consumers engaged across proliferating channels, or lose them. Digitally transformed channels are growing in number and complexity, and at the same time consumer expectations are increasing. The paradox of “intimacy at scale” creates new requirements for retail marketing and enabling...

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Emarsys cited as a Strong Performer in Cross-Channel Campaign Management

The Forrester WaveTM: Cross-Channel Campaign Management (CCCM), Q2 2016 report evaluated the top 15 cross-channel campaign management providers and how they stack up. In this report, you will: See why CCCM is shedding its direct marketing lineage Learn why B2C marketing pros rely on CCCM to drive customer interactions Gain an understanding of the leading solutions that...

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Trusting the Machine:

True Marketing Automation is Predicting a Customer’s Next Move, Not Reacting to a ‘Moment’. Data has become the most important tool to keep customers engaged. Customers are interacting with your brand 24/7 across a myriad of channels and devices. All these interactions and points of engagement are providing a foundation for real customer intelligence strategies. Using that data properly is...

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Seven steps to successful retention automation

Most marketers are besieged by unstructured data that leaks potential. Accessible technology can structure data in a custom way, and provide the focus needed to find insight in that data. But you need the right mix of technological capabilities. That mix is described in this impartial guide that shares what we have learnt from working...

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Predict, protect, and recover revenue across the digital customer journey

Acquiring new customers is more expensive than ever. New research shows that 98% of first-time visitors never convert, and of the few that do, 70% never come back. Competing on price is no longer the answer, it’s not efficient and it’s not sustainable. By analyzing existing customer behavior online retailers are finding new ways to...

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From personalization to customer loyalty

To help e-commerce companies operating in an increasingly competitive landscape, Emarsys collaborated with market researchers OnePoll, to conduct a survey of over 2,000 UK consumers. The survey addressed online shopping behavior and preferences to provide valuable consumer insights which will inform marketing activities that effectively engage consumers.

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