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Why Emarsys

Yes, we’re the largest independent marketing platform company in the world, but why should you choose Emarsys?

Revolutionizing the marketer’s role

The promise of marketing is to deliver truly personalised one-to-one interactions. But so far, that promise has gone unfulfilled.

Your customers are demanding more personalised experiences. Online and off. Across all channels. Every minute of every day. They expect you to understand their preferences and anticipate their needs before they do.

One problem.

Human-driven personalisation does not scale.

Customers are interacting with more channels and creating more data than ever before. There are too many choices and too much data in today’s marketplace for the modern marketer to aggregate, analyse, interpret and apply it all.

The resulting pressure has forced the marketer’s role to evolve. You’ve become a data aggregator, a drag-and-dropper, a mass segmenter.

This is not what you signed up for.

At Emarsys, we’re challenging the status quo. We’re revolutionising the marketer’s role, taking on the current state of marketing to prove that you can fulfill the promise of marketing.

We bring together machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence in an innovative, easy-to-use integrated platform that allows marketers to bridge the gap between data and real personalisation.

Marketing technology shouldn’t make it easier to aggregate data or drag-and-drop your way to success. It should help you deliver on the promise of marketing, harnessing data to deliver real personalisation.

By integrating these enabling technologies into our marketing platform, we are revolutionising the role of the marketer.

We’re giving marketers the power to leave the data analysis to the machine so they can focus on what they love: strategy, content and creative.

We do this through our commitment to a global-first strategy, our built – not bought – platform, and hype-free tangible AI.

Global first.

Global should mean more than just sending emails to recipients around the world.  With Emarsys, you’ll have over 700 employees speaking over 37 languages in 15 offices worldwide. A global first approach allows Emarsys to support global brands at a local level.

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Built, not bought.

We believe so strongly in our product and the innovative developers and engineers behind it that we reinvest 25% of our revenue in R&D. This commitment keeps our product innovative and ensures that we continue to meet the new and evolving needs of marketers around the world.

About Emarsys

Tangible, hype-free AI

While plenty of companies talk about AI, very few actually show you how they incorporate it into their products to drive real value for their users. Emarsys has been using AI, machine learning, and data science for over 10 years to deliver personalized communications to over 2.5 billion customers in over 200 countries.

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