Marketing automation

Our real-time marketing automation platform allows you to run all aspects of your marketing strategy with ease, from the first welcome notification to complex multi-step programs across all channels. Design and create intelligent programs that take care of customer engagement so you can spend more time focusing on what you enjoy: strategy, content, and creative.

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Fully automated customer journey


Easy to test and refine

Multi-channel triggers

Prime your real-time messages

Create and deploy real-time messages in campaigns using smart triggers that immediately react to customer actions. From there, incorporate the responses into the same campaign, and customize how to treat each outcome to enhance the customer experience.

Take advantage of web-based triggers

Easily add an engagement layer to your website and start using visitor behavior as triggers for automated marketing campaigns. Let your campaigns personalize the customer journey using the most up-to-date behavioral data from the unified profile, enriched by web activities.

Automation throughout the entire customer journey

Configure customer journeys for any scenario from a single hub and easily add more channels or branches to truly nurture and optimize engagement. Automate all your communication, starting with the very first customer touchpoints.

Powered by AIM

Scale personalisation beyond human capacity with Emarsys Artificial Intelligence Marketing. Let the machine handle complex tasks like data aggregation and analysis, so you can focus on doing what you really love: strategy, content, and creative.

Send time optimisation

Send time optimisation automatically personalises send time for each individual by continuously analyzing their behavior and scheduling email send time accordingly. It ensures that your email will always be at the top of the inbox.

Other features


Take advantage of best practice blueprints, created by our in-house marketing experts, to build and strengthen customer relationships.

Testing and optimization

Use multi-branch testing to identify the best course of action to take, then easily make the switch to optimize your program and move on to the next refinement.