Email Marketing Software

Powerful 1-to-1 email marketing

Create dynamic and vibrant email content for your recipients, and effortlessly harness the number one engagement channel at the heart of any successful marketing strategy.

Easily personalize and automate content to make one-to-one connections with each and every customer on an individual level.

Truly personalized email

Captivate customers with amazing personalization, and send individually tailored messages at scale.

AI-driven product recommendations and conditional content let you quickly and easily enhance content to make it relevant to each individual recipient.

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Automate contextual personalization by time, weather, location, or device for each individual, as the email opens.

Open Time Content Contextualization

Populate your email with context-sensitive content at the exact time it is opened, and further increase engagement with very few resource requirements.
Reduce email build time, and keep content fresh by using contextual content blocks for low-effort, high-impact personalization.

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Automate contextual personalization by time, weather, location, or device for each individual, as the email opens.

Automated email strategy

Automate responses regardless of mail type, situation, or context, and spend more time designing content and strategy.

Pre-configure anything, from simple purchase confirmations to complex multi-step campaigns, and let Emarsys take care of the operational admin.

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Sophisticated Content Management

Transform the content creation process with the new drag-and-drop, block-based Visual Content Editor. Add, remove, adjust, or move content blocks at ease, without any HTML coding, and start sending breathtakingly beautiful emails with minimal effort.

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Built-in Mobile Readiness

Native, campaign-level mobile support means you create content once and the system optimizes aesthetics and behavior across devices, even allowing you to edit content in the mobile view itself.

Advanced content management functions let you define conditional mobile content to enable stunning and user-friendly mobile experiences for your recipients.

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Test, optimize, refine.

Create variations of your email content and use built-in A/B/n split testing to see which version your customers engage with the most.

Pre-define success criteria and sample size, then automatically deploy the winning content to the remaining recipients.

Campaign-Level Performance Insights

Understand the true impact of your email marketing efforts via intuitive trend reports, campaign performance comparisons, and more.

Analyze exactly when and how your campaigns perform, using tools and metrics that let you truly understand recipients and maximize the results.

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Reliable Inbox Deliverability

Ensure maximum exposure for your content with our sophisticated deliverability tools, and know your message will reach the recipient’s inbox.

Built around your workflow, these checks help improve deliverability rates before launch, and include detailed reporting tools that simplify deliverability performance monitoring.

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