The only fully integrated and natively built marketing technology stack

The Emarsys Marketing Platform allows consumer-facing companies of any industry to convert, grow and retain their clients by enabling automated and personalised interactions across the customer lifecycle and across channels and devices.

Scaling personalisation beyond human capacity with AI

The capabilities of our hype-free and tangible AI Platform allow you to scale personalisation beyond the ability of humans in order to meet the rising expectations of consumers in their interactions with brands.

A powerful Customer Data Platform at the core

Select purpose-built personalisation elements for individual use cases, such as abandoned cart, loyalty treatment, and wish list price drop, to tailor the message for each customer and increase engagement.

True channel-agnostic & use-case-based personalisation

Emarsys’ powerful personalisation engine enables you to easily create true unified personalisation that is channel-, device-, and touchpoint-agnostic and optimised for different use cases.

Automate all of your marketing communication

Our real-time marketing automation platform allows you to run all aspects of your marketing strategy with ease, from the first welcome notification to complex multi-step programs across all channels.

1-to-1 customer interactions across all channels

Emarsys enables fully integrated and personalised communication with your customers across email, social, mobile, web, ads and direct mail.

Get insights that drive your next marketing steps

Emarsys’ comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities give you a complete view of all your marketing activities and highlight where to focus your attention next.

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