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Why Customers Care is the Key to Retention

Lindsay Tjepkema
Lindsay Tjepkema , Global Head of Content , Emarsys

It’s easy to feel like a number these days, isn’t it, #1534879? We all feel it when we call a customer support line and struggle to navigate an insufferable computer menu, to eventually be connected to support a few minutes later. We state our questions and then are transferred to another person who requires us to restate our questions. We call back in a couple of days to check on said inquiry, only to have to restate all the information and explain everything again to a new person.

It’s a never ending cycle that can become incredibly frustrating. But things don’t have to be this way.


A Great Product Requires Great Customer Care

In the era of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Emarsys is laser-focused on delivering products that drive efficiency for marketers and provide the greatest ROI. Of course, a state-of-the-art product is essential. However, we know that it’s equally important to have a team of experts to help strategize and partner with marketers to obtain the greatest value out of the technology investment. This includes customer care and service.

As marketers, we consistently speak about the importance of understanding our customer, where they are in the lifecycle, and communicating to them personally across channels where they consume information. What’s difficult to understand these days, is why so many marketing technology companies are moving away from personalized marketing, and a direct customer success model, to a more fragmented approach.

The Need for Customer Care

With the marketing landscape changing so quickly, it’s imperative that marketers have a team of people to help them deliver on their initiatives, while also thinking strategically about driving programs forward. Nobody has time to wait four days to get an email response regarding a potential program to launch yesterday.

Marketers need a partner who can help them navigate this ever-changing, complex world of personalized marketing communication. It seems as though the world of quarterly alignment meetings, annual reflections, and renewal discussions have been replaced with chat windows, phone trees, and entire departments responsible for securing renewals instead of ensuring delivered value on your investment. This is as ineffective as it is inefficient.

Emarsys’ Approach to Client Success

At Emarsys, we pride ourselves on aligning top industry talent with our incredible customers to deliver personalized and professional support and guidance. Every customer at Emarsys is partnered with a Client Success Manager, who is dedicated to that client’s ongoing success.

The Client Success Manager acts as an advocate for the client and works with them to align mutual goals, ensuring that the true value of the Emarsys investment is felt. They know the client’s business, they build relationships, and they work to help clients be successful.

Final Thoughts

Organizations are consistently trying to do more with fewer people. Marketing can be hard. It’s important that you have the team to help you deliver. With Emarsys, you can feel the difference.