Intuitive reporting and insights

Understand and target your customers like never before using our intuitive reporting screens. Measure the performance of your customer engagement strategy and the impact it has on your business, then easily create segments from the same screens and automate your marketing efforts.

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Clean and clear performance overview


Understandable metrics

Complete segment overview

Dashboard: cloud level performance overview

Use a single screen to get a complete view of everything that happens in your marketing platform, giving you full control for maximum results. Enjoy at-a-glance KPIs, trends over time and real-time alerts highlighting where to focus attention to optimise performance.

Focus on retention, not just acquisition

If 9 out of 10 customers only buy once, you’re missing out on huge revenue opportunities. You need a platform that helps encourage repeat purchases and grows your customer lifetime value. Measure how well you reduce the proportion of one-off purchases to boost your revenue growth from repeat buyers directly from your marketing platform.

Analyze campaign performance trends

Compare performance across different marketing campaigns using any number of key metrics, from click rates to conversion rates. Generate daily aggregated results from any mix of campaigns across the entire account to measure trend performance.

Powered by AIM

Scale personalisation beyond human capacity with Emarsys Artificial Intelligence Marketing. Let the machine handle complex tasks like data aggregation and analysis, so you can focus on doing what you really love: strategy, content, and creative.

Data-driven customer lifecycle marketing

Let your data show where your customers are along the customer lifecycle and understand them like never before with Smart Insight. Analyse lifecycle stage performance with filters to identify engagement tactics that work, then save these views as segments for immediate use.

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Visualise your customer’s product affinities

Let our machine learning algorithms automatically turn browse and purchase data into product affinities for you. Identify what your customers might want based on their current likes and activities, then target them with highly intelligent and personalised marketing campaigns.