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What Is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

Lindsay Tjepkema
Lindsay Tjepkema , Global Head of Content , Emarsys

Artificial intelligence marketing solutions offer ways to bridge the gap between data science and execution. The process of sifting through and analyzing huge dumps of data was once an insurmountable process and is now not only feasible, but it’s actually easy.

Let’s think about all of the new technologies that have hit the market in the past year or so. We’ve all heard about the iPhone 7, Google’s driverless cars, Snapchat Glasses, and even Elon Musk’s ‘city on Mars’. What about marketing-specific technologies though?

Understanding Artificial Intelligence Marketing

The evolution of big data and advanced analytic solutions have made it possible for marketers to build a clearer picture of their target audiences than ever before; and in this hotbed of advancement lies artificial intelligence (AI) marketing.

Armed with big data insights, digital marketers can greatly boost their campaigns’ performance and ROI, all of which can be achieved with essentially no extra effort on the marketer’s part. But, what exactly is artificial intelligence marketing? We’ll be addressing this question in the content to follow.

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Key Elements of AI Marketing

There are a few key elements that make AI marketing as powerful as it is today, including bid data, machine learning and the right solutions.

Big Data

Big data is a pretty straightforward concept. It refers to a marketer’s ability to aggregate and segment large sets of data with minimal manual work. Marketing teams can then use this data to ensure the right message is being delivered to the right person at the right time, via the channel of choice.

Machine Learning

Machine learning platforms come in handy when marketers try to make sense of this huge data repository. They can help identify trends or common occurrences and effectively predict common insights, responses, and reactions so marketers can understand the root cause and likelihood of certain actions repeating.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Solutions

Now to the trend of the future. AI platforms truly understand the world in the same way a human would. This means that the platforms can identify insightful concepts and themes across huge data sets, incredibly fast. AI solutions also interpret emotion and communication like a human, which makes these platforms able to understand open form content like social media, natural language, and email responses.

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Marketing

So what does this mean for marketing teams? It’s estimated that AI marketing will dominate the industry by mid-2017, just one year from now.

Let’s review some ways that marketers can expect AI to influence marketing outcomes in the upcoming months and years:

Smarter Searches

As advanced technology solutions grow smarter, it’s important to remember that audiences are becoming smarter as well. Thanks to social media and rapid-fire search engines (thanks Google!), people find what they are looking for faster than ever before. AI and big data solutions can actually analyze these search patterns and help marketers identify key areas where they should focus their efforts.

Smarter Ads

Marketers are already dipping their toes into smarter ads, with account-based marketing solutions, but AI helps teams take this a layer further for truly insightful analysis. With a new abundance of data available, online ads can become smarter and more effective. AI solutions can dig deep into keyword searches, social profiles, and other online data for human-level outcomes.

Refined Content Delivery

With AI, marketers can take data and targeting to a whole new level. Audience analytics can go past the typical demographics level, to understand people on an individual basis. Now, marketers can use AI to both identify potential clients or buyers, and deliver the ideal content that’s most relevant to them. With big data, machine learning, and AI combined, there is little a savvy marketer can’t achieve.

Relying on Bots

Customer service and retention is another area where AI will play a huge role in the future. Soon, chat functions and other direct-to-consumer engagement avenues will be run by AI bots. Many companies can save employee time and expenditures with these tactics. AI bots also have access to an entire internet’s worth of data, information, and search histories, making them much more efficient than their human counterparts.

Continued Learning

Not only can AI be used to uncover once-hidden insights, the AI itself can actually be taught, learning to incorporate previously uncovered insights into new campaigns, optimizing outreach to target only the most relevant users. Over time, these AI solutions will become even more intelligent, effectively eliminating waste, greatly increasing conversions, and promoting real-time decision-making.

Final Thoughts

Sound too good to be true? Still thinking that artificial intelligence is tomorrow’s technology, not today’s? Well, we’ve got news for you: the creative minds here at Emarsys are already implementing innovative, artificial intelligence marketing solutions. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, we are building AI solutions that can take over most of the tedious and time-consuming tasks that marketers struggle to deal with.

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