Actual one-to-one communication

The only way to really engage with your customers is to communicate with each one as an individual, but human-driven personalisation doesn’t scale. Until now. Using our smart personalisation engine, you can personalise your content for each individual customer through a wide variety of options.

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True personalisation at scale

Multi-channel 1-to-1 communication

Consistency across channels

Personalisation fueled by business-specific data

Make your data available in our platform without uploading it and without breaching any existing data privacy regulations. Relational Data is an end-to-end solution that injects business-specific data into the Emarsys Marketing Platform to boost your omnichannel personalisation and segmentation capabilities.

Open Time Content contextualisation

Populate your email with context-sensitive content at the exact time it is opened and further increase engagement with very few resource requirements. Reduce email build time and keep content fresh by using contextual content blocks for low-effort, high-impact personalisation.

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Easy personalised content configuration

Show or hide content based on segment membership and create powerful personalisation treatment layers with just a few clicks. Visual Content Editor lets you quickly and intuitively create tailored content for every campaign.

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Powered by AIM

Scale personalisation beyond human capacity with Emarsys Artificial Intelligence Marketing. Let the machine handle complex tasks like data aggregation and analysis, so you can focus on doing what you really love: strategy, content, and creative.

Predictive product recommendations

Deliver the personalised experience customers expect across all channels through advanced machine learning algorithms with Predict. With predictive product recommendations, you can finally deliver intelligent one-to-one personalised content that will increase the chance of customers taking your desired actions.

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Automatic incentive management

Take the guesswork out of your incentive strategy. Incentive Recommendation automatically sends personalised incentives to each individual customer based on your chosen strategy. Our solution improves your margin or revenue by avoiding unnecessary incentives and high discounts, while strengthening customer loyalty with tailored offers.

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