Embedded and turnkey E-Commerce solutions aligned with your business objectives

The Emarsys Marketing Platform provides turnkey, natively integrated e-commerce solutions, that are easily adopted and up and running within days, to drive results.

1. Set your high-level objectives 2. Select strategies for your objectives3. Deploy proven turnkey tactics

Set your high-level objectives, like growing active customers and increasing revenues

Pick your company’s key business objectives to customise the platform to your e-commerce needs.

Select strategies for your objectives, like increase purchase frequency or win back churning customers

Select from a list of strategies that we know have worked for other e-commerce companies to drive results for a specific business objective.

Deploy proven turnkey tactics, like converting first-time buyers to active customers or recovering abandoned carts

For each strategy you select, you’ll be able to choose from a list of fully populated e-commerce tactics – including segmentation, campaigns, content and personalisation – that are ready to be deployed across digital channels.

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