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Real-Time Triggers Across Devices, Channels, and Apps

With a huge international active user base interacting across devices, channels, and apps, Runtastic wanted to consolidate communication for their users and provide the perfect fitness experience. They needed a system capable of processing huge amounts of activity data in real time, so that relevant and engaging feedback would be triggered as subscribers trained.

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Personalized Content with Cross-Channel Automation

The real-time capture, analysis, and execution capabilities of the Emarsys marketing platform perfectly matched Runtastic’s needs. With powerful cross-channel automation, available via a highly accessible interface, Runtastic could easily manage their digital marketing strategies to meet their objectives using engaging and personalized customer content.

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Emarsys agile technology enabled a seamless communication experience on the go, with:

Emarsys Mobile SDK Mobile Feature

The Emarsys Mobile SDK enabled Runtastic to update their apps to synchronize with the Emarsys database as users powered through their fitness plans. Powerful relational databases and API calls let Runtastic merge activity streams in the unified customer profile, giving the clearest and most complete overview of each user.

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Sophisticated Automation and Execution

Runtastic designed and automated complex conversion strategies across all apps, devices, and time zones. Built-in support for in-app messaging, combined with SMS, push, and email notifications, allowed Runtastic to create 360° cross-channel workout experiences.

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Personalized Conversion Triggers

Armed with complex automation capabilities, Runtastic applied real-time analytics to workout results across their entire user base to create programmatic triggers that launched as soon as users reached training goals or key milestones.

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“Being able to plug in different products and channels, analyze, and act upon the results from one single dashboard significantly improves productivity and efficiency”

Mario Aichlseder, VP of Growth, Runtastic



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