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Strategic marketing guidance

With years of technical, marketing and organisational change experience, our interdisciplinary strategic specialists are ready to help you realise the potential of your existing operational resources. Available on a project basis or as long-term strategic partners, they enable you to identify and bridge gaps between your current operating model and capabilities of the Emarsys Marketing Platform.




Transform workshop

From performance-strengthening programmes to complete marketing strategy disruption, the Transform Workshop offers you the opportunity to embark on a long-term strategic partnership with our customer experience consultants. Using lifecycle mapping and resource prioritisation, we partner with you to develop and execute a roadmap to achieve your goals.

Strategic marketing platform audit

Determine if your marketing automation system is working hard enough for your CRM strategy by measuring data utilisation and performance against industry-specific benchmarks, and assessing opportunity analysis. Our customer experience specialists identify the next best steps for your marketing strategy and provide you guided recommendations on how to streamline key conversion and retention opportunities at scale.

Adopt and learn

Adopt and Learn sessions are designed to provide the knowledge, expertise and confidence to successfully execute automated marketing tactics. Work with dedicated customer experience specialists to identify key opportunities in your lifecycle marketing strategy, then learn how to apply this knowledge to drive results aligned with KPIs and objectives.

On-demand marketing insights

Take the headache out of measuring email campaign or automation programme performance by handing off the data and letting our experts analyse it against industry benchmarks. They will provide you with an overlay of the next best action insights, making it easy for you to focus your attention on improving performance.

Deliverability optimisation

Hidden factors that influence engagement rates, such as data quality or expectation and communication misalignment, are hard to identify and address. Emarsys technical experts provide short-term and long-term solutions that use deep analytics to measure engagement performance across key metrics, and then develop an action plan to strengthen conversion capabilities.