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Developed by leading analyst firm Forrester™, this test helps you understand the AI-readiness of your organization. Find out where you stand today, and where tangible, hype-free AI comes into the picture.

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Are You Ready For AI?
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Emarsys Platform

Data collection & Unified profile

  • Multichannel response & behavior
  • Cross channel & device
  • Match anonymous data to known contacts
  • Social & Web data enrichment
  • True Personalizations

Artificial Intelligence Marketing

  • AIM
  • Self learning prediction algorithm
  • Cross channel recommendations
  • Lifecycle Scoring
  • Geo, store & product affinity

Marketing automation

  • Customer journey automation
  • Recurring & triggered campaigns
  • Real-time messaging
  • Cart recovery

Personalized cross channel execution

  • Email
  • Social
  • Push
  • SMS
  • Ads
  • Web

Reports & Insights

  • Campaign reporting & Web engagement
  • Customer lifecycle analytics
  • Revenue impact report
Product Overview
Clients in 140 Countries
Personalized Campaigns per Month
0 Billion
Messages per Month

Customer Success Stories

Pure-Play eTailer
Smart Insight was like nothing else. Shareable data, integration, real-time automation. Only Emarsys offered educated recommendations with greater accuracy. No one else was offering that on-the-fly, real-time data, lifecycle marketing.
Chief Marketing Officer
We’re at the start of what Emarsys is doing for Cosabella. I think the first thing it did isn’t even what it’s intended to do: It opened up the mind of the company.
Guido Campello
CEO and Creative Director
Emarsys helped us to build and progressively optimize a strategy centered around our customer journey that not only resulted in a huge improvement in all of our CRM KPI’s, but also clearly quantifiable revenue gains.
Marco Ritratti
Email Marketing Manager

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