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Scale personalization beyond human capacity with the Emarsys Artificial Intelligence Marketing solution. Let the machine handle complex tasks like data aggregation and analysis, so you can focus on what you really love: strategy, content, and creative.

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Predictive product recommendations

Deliver the personalized experience customers expect across all channels through advanced machine learning algorithms. Predictive product recommendations allow you to deliver intelligent one-to-one personalized content that will increase the likelihood of customers taking your desired actions.

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Automatic incentive management

Take the guesswork out of your incentive strategy. Incentive Recommendation automatically sends personalized incentives to each individual customer based on your chosen strategy. Our solution improves your margin and increases revenue by avoiding unnecessary incentives and discounts, while strengthening customer loyalty through personalized offers.

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Send Time Optimization

Send Time Optimization automatically optimizes the distribution time of every email for each recipient. How? Through continuous analysis of each individual’s behaviors followed by constant recalibration email send time to deliver the messages when they are most likely to be receptive to them.

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Truly Personalized Experiences

The only way to truly engage with your customers is to communicate with each one as an individual, but human-driven personalization simply doesn’t scale. Until now. With our smart personalization engine, you can personalize content for each individual like never before.

Personalization fueled by business-specific data

Make your data available in our platform without uploading it and without breaching any existing Data Privacy regulations. Relational Data is an end-to-end solution that injects business-specific data into the Emarsys Marketing Platform to boost your omnichannel personalization and segmentation capabilities.

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Open Time Content contextualization

Populate your email with context-sensitive content at the exact time it is opened and further increase engagement with very few resource requirements. Reduce email build time and keep content fresh with contextual content blocks for low-effort, high-impact personalization.

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Easy personalized content configuration

Show or hide content based on segment membership and create powerful personalization treatment layers with just a few clicks. Visual Content Editor lets you quickly and intuitively create truly tailored content for every campaign.

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Key Integrations

Emarsys partners with leading e-commerce platforms to provide turnkey solutions that connect the Emarsys Marketing Platform directly into your online shop, seamlessly synchronizing your customer base with your marketing channels and customer engagement data.


Transform your brand’s resources and marketing collateral to provide truly personalized customer experiences with Emarsys Professional Services. From initial onboarding to ongoing technical support, training, ad-hoc production, and even strategic marketing support, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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How Emarsys Works

Incoming Data
Contacts and behavior
VERTICAL SOLUTIONS Automation blue prints, next move advisors, best practice content blocks
STRATEGIC ANALYTICS Customer centric analytics and value reporting
AI OMNICHANNEL Offline + Email + Web + Social + Ads + SMS + Mobile apps How
AI PERSONALIZATION Unified, cross channel and smart: Content personalization service What
AI AUTOMATION Flexible, fully integrated omnichannel automation When
AI LAYER Framework for predictive information, machine learning and measuring results Who
CUSTOMER DATA Cross device and cross channel collection and unification
Outgoing Data
Tactical analytics
Campaign analytics
Open data for custom reports

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