End-to-End Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Emarsys Artificial Intelligence Marketing revolutionizes the marketer’s role by eliminating decision points and upgrading personalization beyond human capabilities.
Understand each contact as an individual customer and execute highly personalized campaigns at scale with AI solutions.

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Execution of strategy made simple

AI Performance Monitoring

Incentive Recommendation

Incentive Recommendation improves your customers’ lifetime value with personalized incentives. Based on your selected strategy, this will result in greater margin, revenue, or engagement.

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Smart Insight

Using data science and machine learning to power detailed visual reports, Smart Insight enables you to discover new opportunities, understand customer personas, and measure the effectiveness of each marketing action.

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Predictive Product Recommendations

Deliver the personalized experience customers expect across all channels through advanced machine learning algorithms. Predictive product recommendations allow you to deliver intelligent one-to-one personalized content that will increase the likelihood of customers taking your desired actions.

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Other AI Marketing Solutions


Powered by artificial intelligence, Smart Reactivation helps you optimize the advertising frequency for inactive contacts in order to maximize advertising ROI by targeting customers with the highest probability of being identified as lost.

Send Time Optimization

Send Time Optimization (STO) analyzes the optimal time to send an email for your contacts, ensuring your email has the best chance of being opened. Thanks to machine learning, this review is constantly updated, meaning STO will automatically adapt to each recipient’s changing behaviors and habits.

“Emarsys focuses on life-cycle marketing and personalized recommendations for eCommerce organizations, and it embeds marketer-friendly artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in its intuitive UX.”

The Forrester Wave(TM): Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Q1 2018

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