Data Collection & The Unified Customer Profile

The Unified Customer Profile reveals a complete story for each of your contacts, providing the valuable insights you need to create truly personalized offers that convert. Exploring your customers’ whole lifecycle, web activity data, CRM data, purchase data, and even offline data produces the clearest and most complete picture of each individual’s value to your business.

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Collect data across every customer touchpoint

Unify and connect data with the individuals

Gain deep insights and offer what your customers need

Connect the dots between individual events

Contextualize interactions by breaking down barriers between data silos and let the Unified Customer Profile show you a complete and meaningful view of each individual contact. By combining all of the customer data collected across devices and channels, the complete individual behind each email address is truly revealed.

A story revealed through interactions

The Unified Customer Profile contextualizes each individual’s actions and uses their behaviors to reveal their needs and desires. Exploring the customer profile lets you learn more about individuals and identify behavior patterns that you can use to build personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Understanding behavior is the key to personalization

Enhance personalization for every individual customer by basing your content strategy on a full understanding of engagement habits over time. Using individual behavior patterns and real-time data collection, you can suggest exact products for each customer in the Unified Customer Profile with Predict, which helps you create more personalized interactions.

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Other Features

Advanced Segmentation

Use our powerful segmentation tool to create micro-audiences based on customer interactions.