Incentive Recommendation

Deliver individually tailored incentives based on your profit and revenue strategies. Marketers struggle to find the perfect incentive balance to meet their goals, either using too many offers, or not using them at all. Powered by AI, Incentive Recommendation improves targeting performance with customized incentives, resulting in greater revenue or margin, based on your selected strategy.

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True 1-to-1 incentive matching capabilities

Define your strategy with a switch

Analyze incentive performance and monitor conversion rates and other KPIs

Personalize incentives at scale

Our AI marketing technology makes data-driven decisions that transform every campaign into a smart win-back program. Expand content personalization to include tailored discounts for each individual customer based on their importance to your business.

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More strategy for incentives

Align the decision-making process with your goals by implementing an AI-driven discount strategy using easily defined parameters. The control console predicts how many people will respond to the incentives, and to what extent, depending on how aggressively you set the discount strategy.

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Achieve your goals

Define the overall strategic objectives to increase revenue or margin, then let Incentive Recommendation take care of the decision making and execution to bring that strategy to fruition. The Incentive Recommendation dashboard shows you the results of the revenue and margin contribution of each campaign.

Other Features

Incentive Management

Create different kinds of incentives based on your incentive strategy: fixed monetary amount, percentage discount, or free shipping.

Intelligent Algorithm

The algorithm continually learns from the effects of different incentives and adapts to user behavior.

Reminder Campaign

Increase the chances of conversion by resending the same incentive to each customer in a new campaign.

Incentive Alternative

Send alternative content instead of an incentive for customers who don’t need to be incentivized to convert.