Open Time Content

Supercharge the engagement potential of your email campaigns by effortlessly integrating content blocks that populate in real-time as each individual recipient opens their mail. Boost acquisition rates with highly interactive and engaging content tailored to each individual, while reducing your campaign build-time and administrative overhead.

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Automatically tailor content in real time

Effortlessly include the most engaging content in your email, populated at the exact moment it is opened. Combine website, social, and product data with customer behavior history for rich and relevant contextualization capabilities.

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Automated personalization

Turn website, product, and social data into building blocks that can generate live images, complete with individually tailored text on the fly. Transform your emails into live feeds that keep recipients updated with information such as stock availability, or hotel and flight pricing in real time

Optimized for your workflow

Easily define contextual relationships, and align product data with external factors that determine what to show and when to show it, then simply paste the widgets into your email. Effortlessly upgrade existing campaigns with real-time content, then monitor performance using the detailed dashboards and reporting capabilities.

Other Features

Content Automation Widget

Populate your email with live data from website products or social feeds, and turn it into Open Time Content images that update as the email is opened.

Contextual Rule Builder Widget

Define contextual rules for content types using factors including weather, device, date, time, and location. Then let the logic perform actions that ensure relevant content is displayed at the right time.

Web to Email Widget

Pull live content directly from your website into your email at the time of open to include new products, last chance to buy, latest news, and more, and know that any updates are automatically filtered through to your email content.

Nearest Store Widget

Strengthen sales opportunities by encouraging recipients to go to their nearest store to see items you know will interest them.

Weather Forecast Widget

Display live weather forecasts, wherever the recipient is located as they open the email to keep them prepared.

Social Feeds Widget

Automatically pull your latest Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts into your email campaigns.

Timed Images and Countdown Timers Widget

Add a sense of urgency by using fully customizable and personalized countdown timers in campaigns.

Weather Aware Widget

Create conditional recommendations based on the weather at the time of open, and easily build in seasonal support to stay relevant.

Image Optimizer Widget

Streamline content creation by uploading a number of potential content images and letting the widget automatically test and use the best version.

Device Targeting Widget

Automatically display device-specific content to optimize the experience, build in device-specific promotions, and show your recipients that you know them well enough to tailor your content to their preferences and enhance the customer experience.

Personalized Images Widget

Automatically overlay any variable related to a recipient onto an image in your email content to elevate the customer experience, from birthday cards to boarding cards.