Mobile First Email

Ensure your emails stand out on any device. Mobile First Email provides the right content creation workflow for your continuously growing number of mobile users. It doesn’t just speed up the campaign creation, it allows users to view and improve each stage of an email campaign for better performance.

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See all steps of an email visualized

Compare and edit design on two devices side-by-side

Optimize each step of an email campaign

Visualized email stages

Funnel view is a visual perspective that develops better emails. It provides transparency on every display variation an email will have on mobile: lock screen notification, inbox message list, plus both mobile and desktop views. Fine-tune these stages in the same screen and improve campaign performance.

Flawless design on any device

Ensure emails render flawlessly on all devices. Compare mobile, tablet, or desktop email design in the side-by-side editor, allowing you to quickly fix design glitches without going back-and-forth to preview different device views.

Optimized email creation workflow

Grab and keep the user’s attention by fine-tuning each stage of an email in a single workflow. Mobile First Email speeds up your process, while allowing you to focus on even the smallest details to ensure campaign success.

“It’s a great addition. The biggest plus is the ability to see what a subject line looks like on both the lock screen and inbox. Another plus is the ability to use entirely different blocks for mobile and desktop email, and see how they’ll appear during the build, rather than having to run an inbox test each time a change is made.”

- Alexandra Simion, Digital Marketing Manager, BrandAlley