Triggered Email

Deliver time-sensitive emails with enhanced content at scale. Emarsys Triggered Email is a highly scalable solution for event-based email messaging, such as password reset or purchase confirmation with attached invoices. As an integrated solution, it completes your customer lifecycle journey, leveraging the same powerful personalization capabilities and customizable templates you already use for your marketing emails.

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Easily scale event-based emails

True 1-to-1 personalized automated messages

Easy to create and execute

Complete your customer lifecycle

Complete your customer lifecycle automation or execute single-use cases with Triggered Email. The intuitive dashboard provides in-depth data with the most important KPIs for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Quick and easy setup

Create, edit, and manage Triggered Emails quickly and easily with the block-based Visual Content Editor. Test your emails safely in the same view without interrupting active mail streams to achieve a flawless customer experience.

1-to-1 personalization

Combine the ability to trigger high volumes of transactional emails with rich personalization capabilities. Our unified data collection allows for unprecedented levels of 1-to-1 personalization in transactional messages to achieve a consistent brand experience.

Other Features

Operational and Transactional Messages

Automatically send emails based on external triggers, including: account balance updates, app error alerts or purchase receipts, password resets, and support requests.


Include attachments with transactional messages.

Test Content

Safely test content and integration without interrupting active mail streams.