Embedded and turnkey Travel marketing solutions aligned with your business objectives

The Emarsys Marketing Platform provides advanced, turnkey and natively integrated travel solutions, that are easily adopted and up and running within days, to drive results.

1. Set your high-level objectives 2. Select strategies for your objectives3. Deploy proven turnkey tactics

Set your high-level Travel objectives, like increasing ancillary revenue and growing active travelers

Personalize the platform to your specific travel business needs by first setting your high-level objectives.

Select strategies for your objectives, like growing pre-, in-, or post-trip ancillary revenues and winning back churning travelers

Select from a list of strategies that we know have worked for other travel companies to drive results for their top-level objectives.

Deploy proven turnkey tactics like booking confirmations, trip notifications, check-in reminders, and more

For each strategy you select, choose from a list of fully populated airline tactics – including segmentation, campaigns, content and personalization – that are ready to be deployed across digital channels.

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Travel-Specific Integrations

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