Even More Ways Open Time Content (OTC) Can Work For Travel Marketers

Yes, it’s true, marketers in the travel industry have a tough job. Not only must they produce compelling and relevant content, they also have to make sure this content is extremely personalized and up-to-date. The travel world is notoriously time sensitive, and being even a minute or two late with a message can completely throw off a traveler’s entire day (or week).

It used to be that travel marketers were stuck balancing two competing priorities: personalized content and real-time delivery. Today, technology has opened the door for marketers to combine both of these critical components for maximum traveler satisfaction. Open Time Content (OTC) makes it possible to personalize email content based on time of open, not time of delivery, for live, personalized content at all times.

Why is OTC so important for today’s travelers? Travel itineraries can change at a moment’s notice, and many travelers are already glued to their smartphones, primed and waiting for updates. For travel marketers, this presents both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge lies in breaking through the noise and delivering unique, real-time content to travelers. The opportunity is that by meeting travelers where they already are (on their smartphones), brands can increase open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and therefore, develop loyal customers.

Here are some real-world examples of how OTC can work for travel marketers:

Notify Travelers of Gate Changes or Updated Flight Details

How often do travelers frantically search for departure boards in airports, looking for updated flight information? Travel marketers can remove this guesswork by updating travelers, in real time, on gate changes, delays, or other flight details. Personal details can also be included, such as boarding passes or other documentation, that update automatically as gate numbers or flight times change.

Simplistic, personalized messages like these are what turn one-time customers into repeat customers. Real-time messages can add an extra level of ease to a traveler’s journey, making it a smooth and seamless experience instead of a bumpy ride. Travelers already rely on technology to make sure they don’t miss their flight; OTC makes it even easier to enjoy the journey.

Keep International Travelers Up-to-Date With Live Currency Exchange Rates

Traveling out of the country is already a situation fraught with confusion: passports, visas, and immigration lines can give even the most seasoned traveler anxiety. Travel marketers can help relieve the stress by providing travelers real-time information to make their arrival go smoothly. Something as simple as delivering live currency exchange rates can go a long way in creating exceptional experiences with traveling customers.   

Deliver Destination Details Immediately Upon Landing

Deliver valuable information, related to a customer’s destination and populated in real time as they read it. Whether it’s when they’re exiting the plane, waiting at baggage claim, or in transit to the hotel, as soon as they open your email, personalized details such as weather forecasts, hotel details, and other key points are updated. Travel marketers can take this messaging to the next level with GPS directions from the airport to their hotel, the locations of the nearest coffee kiosks, or other personalized touches.

Suggest Local Rental Car or Hotel Availability

Marketers can capitalize on the real-time benefits of OTC by updating travelers on local availability of rental cars or hotel rooms. OTC solutions can automatically scan hotel prices to deliver travelers the best rates as soon as they step off a plane, keeping them informed and in control of their travel decisions.

When a traveler’s flight is, dare we say, delayed, or even canceled, OTC can immediately deliver not only this important notification, but also nearby hotel room availability and pricing, as well as updated flight options, without any need for intervention by a marketer. OTC can also deliver updated boarding passes or new flight information directly to a traveler’s phone, so nobody misses a last-minute flight or connection.  

Final Thoughts

OTC is a real-world solution for travel marketers looking to provide the highest level of personalization and service to travelers in order to build strong, loyal customer relationships. Is your travel brand ready to take flight?

Download our whitepaper, to see how OTC can help your travel brand stand out with always-accurate and relevant information your travelers will come to depend upon.

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Friday, 19 May 2017