Strategic Engagement Automation with Smart Optimization


increase in automated email revenue.


in overall email revenue.


in post-purchase campaign conversions.

AI-Driven Personalization with Emarsys is a brand built upon luxury fashion. So naturally the company wanted to deliver a luxurious customer experience through consistent, high-quality, personalized interactions. The comprehensive data processing and analytical capabilities of Emarsys helped them reveal the key aspects of their customers, which could then be strategically mapped to key automation events.


Increased Conversions with a Unified Brand Experience

With its blend of analytics, execution, and strategic guidance, Emarsys enabled to design and optimize their entire strategy bespoke to their unique business case, and deliver an excellent, unified brand experience.

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With the perfect blend of technology and strategic guidance, Emarsys enabled to implement:

Strategic Email Automation

Emarsys provided intuitive analytic and automation tools that made it easy to build complex automated engagement programs using data-driven insights. But to make sure that developed the most relevant automation strategies, the Emarsys strategic team identified the best combination of programs to implement that would complement and enhance their existing business strategy.

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Data-Driven Customer Journeys

Clear and detailed analytic capabilities enabled the marketing team to build complete customer overviews, and use key indicators such as email and website engagement, preferences, or purchase behaviors in their campaigns to optimize the customer journey. By creating content sections relevant to customer lifecycle stage, they were also able to automate individually tailored content.

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Automated Journey Optimization were given access to both the tools and expertise to analyze and review the performance of existing automated journeys, identify gaps in coverage, and highlight areas for improvement. The marketing team developed and implemented a tailored automation strategy to strengthen customer engagement, and then applied this across all 8 languages to extend coverage and performance.

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“Emarsys helped us to build and progressively optimize a strategy centered around our customer journey that not only resulted in a huge improvement in all of our CRM KPI’s, but also clearly quantifiable revenue gains.”

Marco Ritratti, Email Marketing Manager,
Toys R Us

Toys R Us

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