Driving Conversions with Actionable Intelligence


increase in revenue from program participants.


uplift from First-Time Buyer programs.


uplift from Birthday campaign programs.

Driving Engagement with AI-Driven Insights

An outdoor retailer, Outnorth wanted a technology partner that could help them create campaigns that were as dynamic and compelling as its customers. The powerful data processing and execution capabilities of the Emarsys marketing platform was the perfect solution. With AI-driven insights, Outnorth can understand more about their customers, including distribution across the lifecycle and what factors drive engagement and conversion.

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Increased Conversions with Smart Segmentation

The combination of smart segmentation, powerful multi-step automation, and highly responsive reporting has enabled their marketing team to better understand customers, act on the new information, and refine their marketing strategy. With insightful reporting capabilities and instant, real-time performance information at their fingertips, the Outnorth marketing team is enjoying a new level of strategic marketing agility that is truly driving results from acquisition to retention.

With the Emarsys marketing platform, the Outnorth team uses their data to increase customer engagement and uplift with:

Smart-Data Driven Insights

The Unified Profile transformed their ability to work with their data, revolutionizing how they could view and understand customer behavior. Using this intelligence, Outnorth could anticipate behaviors such s defection probabilities to build lasting customer lifetime value.

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Automated Multi-Step Lifecycle Campaigns

With smart segments kept automatically up to date with contact behavior, Outnorth created intelligent automated campaigns, ranging from a highly engaging welcome program to all key stages of their customer lifecycle. As contacts transition across stages, they are moved from one program to another, freeing up the marketing team to spend more time designing campaigns and less on managing targeting, delivery times, and recipients.

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Insightful and Actionable Reporting

The clear and responsive reporting capabilities of Smart Insight provided a highly strategic overview, enabling Outnorth to scale success by highlighting growth drivers, star performers, bestselling products and conversion drivers – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With the ability to drill-down on product data, Outnorth were also able to work more closely with suppliers to create targeted, high-impact campaigns across the entire customer lifecycle.

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“Emarsys offers a unique combination of powerful tools and user-friendliness that means that it is easy for a marketer to use. You don’t need advanced technical knowledge to make the most of the features, and the instant reporting makes it easy to analyze progress on the fly.”

Henrik Wilnersson, Head of Online Marketing, Outnorth


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