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Emarsys clients use Artificial Intelligence Marketing to deliver personalization at scale.


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Toys R Us

Toys R Us

Learn how Toys “R” Us used Emarsys' Smart Insight to triple open rates and increase average order value from defecting buyers by 23%.

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Learn how Cosabella saw a 100% increase in click-through rate and 60% in revenue growth using Emarsys' intuitive recommendation and personalization engine.

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Learn how BrandAlley used Emarsys to deploy sophisticated segmentation and data-driven execution that led to a 50% increase in engagement with inactive customers.

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Learn how Runtastic provides fully personalized fitness plans at scale to each of its 115 million app users with Emarsys.

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Learn how posterXXL used Open Time Content to increase engagement among their customers through the Emarsys marketing platform.

Replacements, Ltd.

Learn how Replacements, Ltd. improved their customer experience through increased personalization using the Emarsys marketing platform.

Pure Play E-tailer

Learn how this pure play e-tailer saw an increase in open and click-through rates using artificial intelligence and the Emarsys marketing platform.


Learn how saw a 900% increase in automated email revenue using the Emarsys marketing platform.


With Emarsys, you don’t need advanced technical knowledge to make the most of the features, and the instant reporting makes it easy to analyse progress on-the-fly.


Our campaigns clearly focus on the data that we receive from our customers.


We’re still getting better response rates, better open rates, better click-through rates and ultimately, more revenue.


The implementation of Emarsys Predict was a clear success. The process was quick, smooth and easy. The support we received was outstanding and reinforced by the comprehensive documentation.

Evolution Slimming AIM

We struggled to identify who should receive discounts, or for what amount. The answer was hidden in our data, revealed with this new solution that not only identified what action to take, but completely automated the delivery process. AI at its finest, really.


Smart Insight has helped us to highlight the different personas in our database, as well as their product affinities. The information allowed us to build better campaigns, which has in turn improved our long-term engagement rates.


We turned the email channel results around by implementing a mix of automation, segmentation, and targeting, as well as including recommendations in our strategy.

Japan Centre

Programs that automatically target defecting and inactive customers are very important to our business, and we immediately saw signifi cant improvements. We also now know who our loyal customers are, and can easily reward them at each point of their journey.


Emarsys CRM Ads immediately generated a 850% ROAS via Facebook lookalikes. Simply incredible. Our ability to build and use lookalike audiences from CRM data that then delivers actual results is out of this world.

Client Quotes

“Emarsys helped us to build and progressively optimize a strategy centered around our customer journey that not only resulted in a huge improvement in all of our CRM KPI’s, but also clearly quantifiable revenue gains.“
Marco Ritratti
Email Marketing Manager
“With all our data in Emarsys, we have all the segmentation that plugs straight into our Ad strategy. Automatically matching content to every audience has seriously boosted our revenue, especially with the increased reach and new streams.“
Alexandra Simion
Digital Marketing Manager
"Emarsys ingested two years’ worth of our customer data and interpreted it into really easy-to-understand graphs and charts. So all of a sudden, my marketing team and sales team were smarter. We were able to take that insight and create meaningful and actionable, easy-to-understand data communication with the rest of the company."
Courtney Connell
Marketing Director
“Our goal is to connect with our guest in a more personalized manner. Emarsys enables us to execute highly effective, automated marketing campaigns in order to achieve this goal.“
Todd McElmurray
European e-Commerce Marketing Director

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