Scale truly personal interactions across channels with the help of AI and embedded industry solutions

For nearly 20 years we have been driving natively built marketing innovation to enable brands to achieve their objectives.

La Plataforma de Marketing de Emarsys

Emarsys es líder en el Forrester Wave™: Informe del 4º trimestre de 2019
Cross-Channel Campaign Management (Plataformas independientes).

The Emarsys Difference

Software-led Industry Solution

Instead of empty software we provide marketers with turnkey, embedded industry-specific solutions personalized for their objectives.

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Hype-free, tangible AI

Hype-free, tangible AI to scale personalization beyond human capabilities in order to determine the right content and incentive for the right audience, via the right channel and at the right time.

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Cross-channel Personalization Engine

We enable you to treat your customers as individuals consistently across all channels and devices for a seamless brand experience.

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Embedded Industry Solutions

Our knowledge and insights come from almost 20 years of experience working with thousands of clients, delivering more than 250,000 cross-channel campaigns daily to more than 4.3 billion consumer contacts. We’ve natively built this into one scalable platform in order to provide marketers with personalized industry-solutions to set their goals, track their strategic KPIs, and deploy turnkey tactics.

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Want to grow active customers or increase product profitability? Deploy turnkey tactics such as cart abandonment or conversion of first-time to active buyers, and track strategic KPIs like return rate, average order value and purchase frequency.

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Looking to drive online-to-offline traffic or increase same-store revenues? Deploy turnkey tactics such as first-time to active buyer or back-in-stock promotions, and track strategic KPIs like same-store footfall and sell-through rate.

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Need to grow active travelers and ancillary revenues? Deploy turnkey tactics such as booking confirmations, loyalty rewards and check-in reminders, and track KPIs like the win-back rate of churning travelers or the growth of pre-, in- and post-trip ancillary revenues.

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Emarsys partners with leading technology solutions that allow you to add more value and capabilities to your Emarsys Marketing Platform.


Transform your brand’s resources and marketing collateral to provide truly personalized customer experiences with Emarsys Professional Services. From initial onboarding to ongoing technical support, training, ad-hoc production, and even strategic marketing support, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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