Catawiki Chooses Emarsys to Drive Customer Engagement through Automated Personalization

Sarah Lloyd
Sarah Lloyd
Senior PR Manager
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Europe’s fastest growing auction site deploys Emarsys AI-enabled platform to raise lifetime customer loyalty and value by delivering personalized, multichannel marketing campaigns

London, UK 15 May, 2018Emarsys, the largest independent marketing platform company in the world, announces that Catawiki, a global online auction site for special objects, has chosen Emarsys help drive customer engagement through highly personalized and automated marketing to consumers worldwide. Catawiki is implementing the Emarsys artificial intelligence (AI) optimized marketing platform with its integrated, next-generation data segmentation and analytics capabilities. By doing so, the online auction site aims to bridge the gap between cross-channel marketing and customer experience activities, thereby improving consumers experience and gaining brand loyalty.

Founded in 2008, Catawiki initially offered collectors a way to track their inventory. In 2011, the Dutch company began holding auctions and grew in revenue by a staggering 45,000 per cent over the next four years. Resulting in the fastest growing technology company in Europe! All items are vetted, and each online auction is monitored by in-house experts.  The company provides an easy, secure platform for buyers and sellers to auction items online to a global audience of passionate enthusiasts and collectors. Catawiki holds over 300 auctions each week, selling a vast range of items, from comic books to whiskey to dinosaur bones.

Catawiki plans to utilize the Emarsys platform – including CRM Ads, Web Channel, Email and Open-Time Content – to embed personalization, automation and cost efficiency in its marketing campaigns across email and social channels.

“Today’s crowded online retail marketplace has created the need to deliver customers with personalized experiences while maintaining operational efficiency, we have invested in Emarsys platform to increase our focus on client retention rates – using scalable personalization across all our channels will enable us to centrally manage all our other communication platforms effectively. We selected Emarsys over others because it is simpler to use and able to do everything we want it to do and we needed a platform that could translate our business intelligence into intelligent messaging,” said Jeroen van Ittersum, CRM Marketing Lead at Catawiki. “Our aim is to ensure our marketing efforts are more effective in the long run, deliver lifelong customers, improved sales and brand loyalty.”

“The time is ripe for the retail industry to understand, embrace and utilize the advantages offered by AI in marketing,” Grant Coleman, Vice President and Market Director for UK, Scandinavia and UAE at Emarsys. “At Emarsys, we’re excited to partner with Catawiki to deliver true marketing innovation to its customers through advanced automation, data segmentation and cross-channel personalization capabilities.”

Emarsys manages over 350 million daily interactions while analyzing 3.2 billion consumer records and 2.5 million purchase events, integrating customer intelligence, personalization, predictive recommendations and omni-channel marketing at scale, across all devices and social channels into a single cloud-based marketing platform.


About Catawiki

Catawiki is Europe’s fastest growing online auction platform for rare and harder-to-find objects. Auctions are held every week in over 80 categories including art, antiques, classic cars, watches, jewellery, comics, stamps and more. What makes Catawiki unique? Every auction is curated by a team of in-house experts, all specialists in their field. This ensures a varied and high-quality selection of lots every week.


Catawiki was founded in 2008 as a community for collectors and has since grown into the largest online destination for buying and selling special objects. In 2015 the auction platform was named the fastest growing technology company in Europe and today they see more than 50,000 special objects come through the auctions every week. Some of the top lots sold at Catawiki concerns the jaw of a T-rex, a hat of Michael Jackson, a lock of hair or Napoleon and many rare collectibles and artworks. There’s something available to suit everyone’s passion. Just find an object you love, and Catawiki will take care of the rest!


About Emarsys
Emarsys is the largest independent marketing platform company in the world. The company provides actionable intelligence to enterprises targeting their consumers, combining machine learning and data science with true personalization and multichannel delivery to reach consumers most effectively, maximizing engagement and results. With more than 800 employees in 15 global office locations, Emarsys serves more than 2,200 clients in 140 countries. Every month, Emarsys sends over seven billion messages — helping consumers increase revenue and ROI. To learn more about Emarsys visit:




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Sarah Lloyd
Sarah Lloyd
Senior PR Manager