French Consumer Tech Retailer, MacWay Chooses Emarsys to Improve Customer Experience and Drive Revenue

Sarah Lloyd
Sarah Lloyd
Senior PR Manager
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MacWay improves personalization and automation across six channels; 5% of revenue now from social networks; 39% of MacWay revenue from re-engagement campaigns

PARIS, France – 3 July 2018 – Emarsys, the largest independent marketing platform company in the world, announces that MacWay, one of the largest distributors of high-tech products in France, present both on the high street and online, has selected the Emarsys artificial intelligence (AI) optimized platform to improve its marketing strategy. Thanks to the Emarsys solution, MacWay has increased the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns on six channels simultaneously by personalizing and automating communications. The consumer tech retailer has also reduced customer churn by improving segmentation and targeting.

Created in 1990 and based in Illkirch, near Strasbourg, MacWay has nine physical stores (eight in France and one in Brussels) and launched an e-commerce in 1996. The retailer has more than 4000 products in its catalogue (excluding the market place), and its e-commerce activity represents 70% of its revenues. MacWay chose Emarsys in January 2017, replacing three different tools that were hard to manage and no longer met its evolving needs, most notably for cross channel marketing campaigns.

“We were looking for a unique tool that was capable of operating multiple channels at the same time. We also wanted something that was simpler to use and manage with a broad scalability to adapt to the growth of our future needs,” said Nicolas Morin, Web Development Manager at MacWay.

Measurable return on investment In less than a year, the Emarsys solution has already generated a significant return on investment for MacWay. Since the platform was set up in the summer of 2017, the message opening rate has increased by 7%, and the click rate by 2%. 4% of messages distributed automatically – i.e. those sent after a customer’s interaction or lack of interaction – generate 39% of revenues. Campaigns on social networks, which did not exist before, now generate 5% of turnover. Thanks to the automation and ease-of-use of the Emarsys platform, team productivity has also increased. “Overall, we can do more and better with the same workforce,” added Morin.

The Emarsys platform draws on merchant site traffic data and in-store sales, and supports marketing campaigns over six different channels, including email, social networks, SMS, paper catalog, call center and Google network (Gmail and YouTube). MacWay’s objective is to use these six channels simultaneously to retain the customer base in an intelligent way by automating processes to improve efficiency. On average, MacWay sends 2 million messages per month to over 100,000 contacts via the email channel, and generates 400,000 impressions on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). The SMS channel generates 1000 messages per month.

Using the email channel, one to three newsletters are proactively distributed each day to different target audiences. Conversely, to build customer loyalty, product recommendation messages are sent automatically in event of a shopping cart abandonment, after purchase, after 40 days without new purchase, etc. In addition, other messages are regularly sent when new products are added to the product offer, promotions on a brand, etc. The customer base has been divided into 150 different segments, each associated with specific messages.

In addition, the Emarsys solution enables MacWay to conduct targeted customer acquisition and retention campaigns on social networks and in the Google world (Gmail and Google). The solution also pilots the targeted distribution of the paper catalogue, which exists in several versions and is adapted to different targets. Similarly, based on the commercial data it receives, the Emarsys solution allows MacWay to regularly send it’s call center updated lists of customers or prospects to contact.

Improved marketers experience Emarsys helped reconcile marketing and communication services at MacWay. The platform can be used directly by marketers, without the intervention of technical teams, which was the case before. “Marketers now have a whole range of possibilities at their disposal to design new campaigns, without needing technical skills,” confirms Nicolas Morin. The ease of use of the solution has increased both the number and effectiveness of campaigns. “Today, two personalized campaigns on a specific target can be carried out in half a day compared to one basic campaign before,” notes Nicolas Morin.

At the same time, targeting is simpler and more advanced, and no longer requires the intervention of a IT team member, which greatly speeds up the process. Campaign automation is also much simpler. “With Emarsys, our campaigns are now largely automated. Marketing is almost autonomous for the creation and implementation of campaigns. The entire technical aspect is managed by the platform,” adds Nicolas Morin.

Efficient statistics component Thanks to the Emarsys solution, MacWay is also able to collect a large amount of data on the effectiveness of each of its campaigns, which in turn allows it to gradually improve its campaigns. “With the data collected, we can make a real predictive analysis on the behavior of our customers,” concludes Nicolas Morin.


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Sarah Lloyd
Sarah Lloyd
Senior PR Manager