Emarsys for Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a completely hosted enterprise e-commerce platform that helps you scale your business. With Advanced APIs, unlimited bandwidth, complete online store customization, and the capability to sell on any channel, it provides support for both growing retailers and abundant-volume merchants.

The Emarsys engineers developed the Emarsys for Shopify Plus connector so you can enjoy a smooth sales process and seamless automated marketing without having to manually manage excessive data.

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Seamless data flow

Emarsys easily integrate with Shopify Plus, so you can enjoy a smooth and seamless automated marketing experience without having to manually manage excessive data. Reduce data management tasks with automated and encrypted synchronization of shop data.

Identify actionable insights

Data-driven decisions are essential when optimizing your e-commerce strategy to enhance customer interactions. Emarsys for Shopify Plus makes your raw customer data available to these powerful analytical tools to identify actionable insights.

Automated marketing

Automate marketing responses to behavioral data and purchasing events to maintain customer engagement and strengthen conversion probabilities. Together, Emarsys and Shopify enable you to create more personalized customer experiences with automated marketing campaigns, powered by Artificial Intelligence.