Scale personalisation beyond human capacity with Artificial Intelligence

The Emarsys AI Platform allows you to understand each contact as an individual customer and execute highly personalised campaigns at scale.

Predict buying probabilities, LTV, churn and more for each individual customer

Using engagement score, purchase history and other behavioural patterns, we predict a contact’s potential LTV as well as their likelihood to purchase, visit your website or churn, in a given time frame.

Match customers with the right products, content and incentives to maximise conversions and margins

What interests the customer? Automatically tailor products, content and incentives to each individual, for each use case and across all channels, while taking into account their engagement probability, purchase probability, and next cart value.

Optimise message timing for the best chance of engagement

When is the right time to contact the customer? Our AI identifies what day and time to send a message when each individual recipient is at their most responsive.

Identifying the best channels

How should you contact the customer? Using engagement probability, understand the likelihood that each contact responds to individual channels, so you can optimize your channel spend by engaging with contacts through their preferred method of communication.

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