Email Marketing Software

Leverage the power of 1-to-1 email marketing. Create dynamic and vibrant email content for your recipients and effortlessly harness the number one engagement channel at the heart of any successful marketing strategy. Easily personalize and automate content to make 1-to-1 connections with each and every customer on an individual level.

Quick and intuitive content creation

Our completely intuitive and flexible Visual Content Editor enables you to create highly engaging, professional email content. Drag-and-drop your code, images, or block-based content straight into your email, then edit in various previews and schedule your campaign effortlessly.

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Open Time Content contextualization

Take your personalization to a whole new level by populating your email with the latest content through easy-to-use widgets that can be effortlessly embedded into email campaigns. Create and deploy real-time messages in programs and improve productivity with the data-driven Emarsys Marketing Platform.

Reliable inbox deliverability

Ensure maximum exposure for your content and know your message will reach the recipient’s inbox with our sophisticated deliverability tools. Built around your workflow, these checks help improve deliverability rates before launch and include detailed reporting tools that simplify deliverability performance monitoring.

Other Features

Triggered Email

Deliver time-sensitive emails with enhanced content at scale and fully automate your brand’s email experience with our integrated solution.

Inbox Preview

Optimize email rendering across 70+ browsers, apps, and clients. Inbox preview allows you to test your email before the launch and ensure that content looks equally good for all recipients.

Mobile First Email

Funnel view shows every permutation of how your email content will look once delivered, from the lock-screen notification to device views.

“Visual Content Editor provides superior user experience and great usability. Small changes can be done really quickly.”

Roland Juhász Direct Marketing Manager at Extreme Digital

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