Embedded and turnkey industry marketing solutions instead of empty software

The Emarsys Marketing Platform provides turnkey and natively integrated industry solutions that are easily adopted and drive results aligned with your individual business objectives.


Whether it’s growing active customers or increasing product profitability, we provide you the right embedded, turnkey strategies and tactics to achieve the objectives for your online business.

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Drive online-to-offline traffic or increase same-store revenues – Emarsys Retail solutions provide you with ready-to-deploy strategies and tactics aligned to your high-level objectives.

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Whether increasing active travelers or growing ancillary revenue, we help you achieve your travel business objectives with proven turnkey strategies and tactics.

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Other Industries

Any consumer-facing company can use the fully integrated and natively built capabilities of the Emarsys Marketing Platform in order to convert, grow, and retain clients through automated and personalized omnichannel interactions.

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