Offline Mail

Direct mail is highly effective with loyal customers. When you send out a direct mail campaign accompanied by an incentive, you remind them of why they love your brand. But direct mail should also be used for your entire customer base. Just like with any other channel, you can send a welcome message, reactivate inactive customers, prevent them from churning, and have Offline Mail as a touchpoint throughout their journey.

A trusted partner solution, fully integrated.

Deliver automated and personalised postal campaigns with Offline Mail, powered by optilyz. Our user-friendly interface lets you easily create your campaigns, automate recurring send-outs, and integrate direct mail into your cross-channel strategy.

Personalised lifecycle direct mail made easy

It only takes minutes to create and book your direct mail campaigns with a broad selection of standard print formats, templates and materials. Use data available in the Emarsys Marketing Platform for personalisation and integrate your campaigns as an integral touchpoint into your customers’ journey.

Optimise and analyse your campaigns

Set up A/B tests with different visual variations to optimise the outcome of your campaigns, or target different segments individually (like birthday mailings with male and female visuals), then monitor the success of your campaigns with our comprehensive set of reporting and analytics tools.