Omnichannel Marketing

Create a seamless omnichannel experience for your customers right down to the smallest detail. Improve engagement by giving your customers the consistency and deep personalization they crave across channels.

Email powered by AI

Use perfectly contextual emails to increase engagement with your customers. Build powerful emails easily with our drag-and-drop editor. Take your personalization to the next level and replace manual works with tangible, end-to-end AI solutions like product recommendations and automated send time optimization.

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Transform your website into an AI-powered marketing channel. Using elements traditionally inaccessible to the website, like segmentation, automation, and personalization, open doors to exceptional capabilities. Web Channel feeds your website with all available customer information, including offline and multi-channel interactions to create an unprecedented user experience.

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Build a presence on your customers’ preferred social media channels and start actively managing and scaling relationships for a better omnichannel experience. Strengthen relationships, build momentum, and measure performance while learning what makes your customers tick.

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Connect with customers on their most personal and trusted device. Provide highly personalized and engaging mobile content with our all-in-one communication solution.

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Easily include smart, data-driven advertising in your marketing strategy to truly reach any contact online, wherever they are. Create hyper-targeted smart ads using your first-party data and insights to boost retention, reach, and ROI.

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Offline Mail

Achieve greater results by adding personalized direct mail to your cross-channel strategy.
Create your campaigns within the Emarsys Marketing Platform using the rich data you have already collected about your customers, automate recurring send-outs, and integrate direct mail into your digital marketing strategy.

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