Smart Insight

Actionable intelligence focused on customer engagement. Get the most value out of the customers in your database with data-driven insights and visual reporting. Understand and target your customers like never before to maximize customer lifetime value and ROI.

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Actionable business intelligence


Built-in reporting

Maximize retention and lifetime value

Understand your customers

Recognize where your customers are in the lifecycle at any time and understand how important they are to your business. Combine results from smart metrics to comprehend personas and view insights from different angles for a complete analysis on a granular level.

Discover new marketing opportunities

Understand persona groups in detail and pinpoint the contribution of your marketing activities at any stage. Measure the performance of your marketing campaigns, identify the winning products, and focus on prospective personas and categories.

Automate engagement strategies

Create automated engagement programs that fit each persona group’s purchasing status. Strengthen customer loyalty, keep them engaged, and increase their lifetime value with personalized programs designed to fit their needs.

Other Features

The Next Best Move

Drill down into the smart metrics for a specific persona group and let predictive metrics identify where to focus to maximize current and future revenue for your business.

Product affinity

Understand the affinity your contacts have to specific products and product categories, create affinity segments according to AI-driven product recommendations, and send personalized campaigns to clear your stock or upsell products on an individual level.

Impact Reporting

Uncover how much revenue is driven from each purchase, how much overall income is acquired by your campaigns, and answer all of your business questions.

Value Control

Measure the true impact your marketing campaigns have on each customer segment by applying the scientific comparison of the campaign recipients to the control group.