Social Engagement

Harness the power of social interactions to better understand your existing customers, get to know new ones, and capitalize on increased loyalty with measurable ROI. Build a presence on your customers’ preferred social media channels and start actively managing and scaling relationships for a better omnichannel experience.

CRM social targeting

Use your data to target known customers across social networks and boost ROI. Build look-a-like audiences from segment characteristics and extend your social advertising reach with highly individualized advertisements.

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Turn social visitors into customers

Easily create and embed sign-up forms in social networks to automatically grow your customer base with rich first-party data. Measure your data collection performance on social networks to maximize the growth of your customer database.

Enrich customer data

Understand your customers better from their social presence, then automatically enhance the unified profile with social data. Identify social media influencers to see which brand-ambassador relationships to nurture for maximum results.

Accelerate growth and
avoid the technology adoption gap