Treat your customers as individuals consistently across channels, devices & touchpoints

Emarsys’ powerful personalization engine enables you to easily create true unified personalization that is channel- and device-agnostic and optimized for different use cases.

Create a true 360° unified profile view with actionable insights

Emarsys’ powerful Customer Data Platform collects and unifies data from all touchpoints, offline sources or 3rd-party applications and matches it to individual profiles

Turnkey personalization elements for use cases like abandoned cart, loyalty treatment, and wish lists

Create channel-agnostic personalization elements using a marketer-friendly UX for individual use cases, to tailor the message for each customer and increase engagement. Create once and deploy across all channels.

Create your own use cases with our powerful personalization toolset

Use any combination of data from your contacts, relational tables, webhooks, product recommendations, vouchers, and other 3rd party applications to create personalization use cases that fit even your most complex requirements.

Give your customers the same personalized treatment at every touchpoint

We ensure that you deliver consistent omnichannel messaging by delivering personalized messages, images, and offers across channels and devices.

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