Website as a Channel

Many online marketing solutions identify their customers using only cookie-based data, but that doesn’t even remotely cover the scope of engagement between your customers and your brand. Our marketing platform collects customer activities across all touchpoints and connects them to your website, turning it into an AI-powered personalized marketing channel that drives better engagement.

Create an unprecedented user experience

Use elements that are not traditionally implemented on a website, like segmentation, automation, and personalization, to create a truly personalized and memorable web experience.

Make the website your creative playground

Instead of showing random, one-size-fits-all messages that could turn off your potential customers, get to know them based on their interactions collected in the database, and tailor your content accordingly, with adaptive recommendations, banners, and overlays.

Capture the behavior that matters

Web Extend easily plugs into your site to capture customer behavior. This tool builds a rich, unified profile in the Emarsys Marketing Platform for each person who visits your online store. You can target these customers in omnichannel campaigns individually based on their personal browsing and purchasing patterns.

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